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Charlie johnstone
Dec 13 2007 12:29 PM Post #91
Location : GLASGOW uk

Dec 02 2007 19:12 PM Post #96
Location : Merseyside uk

Farewell to Football

Farewell to football, King and country awaits
To the green fields of France, a conscience dictates
Hell here on earth, sees young men fall and die
Close to enemy lines, a soldier looks to the sky

A hero steps forward, the wounded one to save
Links in a chain, two from Scotland the Brave
Rope around his waist, from trench to unknown
Conspicuous bravery, admired from the throne

Undetected by foe, he reaches out to his friend
Back into No Man?s Land, prepared for the end
Aware of them now, bullets rain from on high
Hit again and again, shattered foot, bloodied eye

No chance of escape but they reach a safe place
The noblest of deeds, to stare death in the face
The Great War?s great hero, football?s great loss
William Angus: For Valour, the Victoria Cross

Margaret Gallagher nee Burns
Aug 17 2007 15:53 PM Post #90
Location : Normanton uk

William Angus was my uncle - his wife, my mother's sister was my Godmother. I lived in Carluke until marriage. He was a most modest and unassuming man - so much so that his VC lay in a silver cup (presented to him by Glasgow Celtic FC) on top of the piano for years. My parents regularly played Solo (a card game) with my Uncle Willie and Auntie Mary. His family - my cousins - and my family are all sadly gone - myself and my cousin Harry Angus being the last survivors. During World War 2 he lost one son (Willie (RAF)) and two sons were POWs in Germany. He attended my wedding 53 years ago in Carluke, to where he returned and where he is buried. Although he was (obviously) a very brave soldier I remember him as a very generous and loving family man and a caring uncle. My own children and grandchildren have always been fascinated by his history and have visited Edinburgh Castle to view the VC and to visit his grave and those of other family members in the Wilton Cemetery in Carluke
Rick Young
Feb 21 2007 21:54 PM Post #89
Location : Chippenham uk

I am proud to be a myspace friend to Williams' great grandson , he is a fine human being and a credit to his great grandfather ! whos actions made me weep !!
such a man was a giant amongst us !
Iain Muncie
Feb 01 2007 18:23 PM Post #88
Location : Richmond Hill, Ontario ca

I fist heard about William Angus from my father. Mr. Angus, (as my father referred to him) gave my dad a reference letter that "clinched" his first job as a reporter with the Hamilton Adviser in 1959.

One of the photos shot in 1956, that you have in the photo gallery was taken by my uncle Jimmy (Jim Muncie). My dad was there that day he was 16 at the time and was the "gofer" for Mr. Angus.

One can say that the actions of Mr. Angus continue to affect people even to this day.

Thank you Mr. Angus!

Frank McSorley
Nov 21 2006 17:33 PM Post #87
Location : Glasgow uk

I would like to thank George Angus McNulty for making me aware of William Angus' actions, and also for directing me to this informative and moving site.

Deeds such as those undertook by William can be easily lost in the passage of time, but through sites like this future generations can be made aware of the sacrifices made by previous generations.

I am glad I now know of William Angus' story.
Mairi edwards (grandaughter William Angu
Nov 14 2006 22:37 PM Post #86
Location : Milton keynes uk

Not sure why I am writing this perhaps its because I have just returned from Scotland to a beautiful song written for my granda through my post box from one of Scotlands finest musicians or perhaps its just I am missing my mum who has joined Granda. But I would like you all to know that I never knew my granda as anything more than the kindest 'quiet Private man who loved us all dearly. He
was our own private hero. Through all his injuries he would always sit with one of us on his lap or got down and played with us. He did what
had to be done in that field that day and I believe he really thought that anybody would have done the same. But to us he was our hero he wrapped each and every one of us in cotton wool from the day we were born and would protect us with his whole being. His family was his life a true hero and we loved him.
mairi edwards
Henrik Mjoman
Oct 08 2006 13:56 PM Post #85
Location : Riga lv

It is very good that stories like these are brought to attention. Many years have passed, but we need to remember and also derive inspiration so that also we may render service to our fellow man - when called upon.

Henrik Mjoman
Sub Lieutenant Royal Swedish Navy
Dave smart
Sep 29 2006 19:53 PM Post #84
Location : Fife uk

i recently visited the site of william angus's brave action, to stand there and just think what he did to rescue his colleague is an amazing feeling.
Neil Patton
Sep 24 2006 13:01 PM Post #83
Location : Newcastle upon Tyne uk

To George Angus McNulty

Your son is an extraordinary man. I have followed his work through from the COPs website and feel very humble after reading of his achievements.

I'm sure his uncle would have been very proud of him. I also agree with your sons' comment that my generation have lost sight of what a real hero is.

It is for that reason, I take my own son to my great grandfathers grave. He too was a hero of WW1 and was award the DCM and MM. Unfortunately like so many others he did not survive. We should endeavour not to forget the deeds and sacrifices of these men.

Your son has achieved his own VC and as a serving Special Constable I am grateful to know that, through Jim, there is an organisation there to help support my family should I not return from a duty.

Although not a relative and not for the distance I would have offered to help tend their graves. If I'm in that area I will certainly pay my respects to them.

Your family is an example to us all.
George Angus McNulty
Sep 20 2006 22:27 PM Post #82
Location : COATBRIDGE uk

I have been sitting looking at my late son's website and can't believe it is nearly two years since we lost him. We have had an exhibition in Carluke for the 3 V.C.s as this is the 150th Anniversary. It brought it all back to me as Jim was a great admirer of Uncle Willie. I lookafter Jim's grave and also Uncle Willie's but as I am now 82 I am finding it hard . Old age is catching up. I would like if some of my distant relatives would try to contact me before my time is up.
Ken McCallum
Sep 16 2006 9:50 AM Post #81
Location : uk

A truly brave man, an example to us all.
George Angus McNulty
Jul 22 2006 19:08 PM Post #80
Location : COATBRIDGE uk

I am the father of JimMcNulty who produced this website. Many of these wonderful tributes to my son's work were made before Jim passed away on 1st Oct.'04, and I would like those who took the time to acknowledge Jim's work to know that my family treasure every word . For a period the Guest-Book was missing for genuine reasons, but I hope now people will contribute to my beloved son's work. There are messages from the family of long lost cousins whom I woull
Gary Z
Jun 28 2006 23:44 PM Post #79
Location : Greenock

I was planning in writing a short story about Celtic players who lost their lives during the Great War. After reading this website I think William Angus deserves a story dedicated all to him.

A real hero.

Hail! Hail!
Murray Kerr
Jun 13 2005 12:35 PM Post #78
Location :

90 Years ago (almost) to the day!

Congratulations on the 12th
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