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Stephen hanlon
Apr 26 2010 15:02 PM Post #122
Location : Coatbridge

amzing is all i can say thats my great great uncle... lol
Mar 12 2010 20:24 PM Post #121
Location : SALISBURY uk

Have been working in his son's house today and saw pictures of this very heroic deed and his son spoke of his father with great pride and so he should, absolutely awesome.
Mar 04 2010 11:27 AM Post #120
Location : Carluke uk

A great website about a truly remarkable man. His courage, and that of the other Carluke heroes, should never be forgotten.
David kelly
Feb 15 2010 20:13 PM Post #119
Location : Carluke gb

Just spent the last 20 minutes reading about William Angus. As I come from Carluke his story fills me with pride as is for the other two Victoria Cross winners. These men should never be forgotten.
Nov 11 2009 15:14 PM Post #118
Location : Glasgow uk

amazing guy, seen him on the scottish news last niht and thought I would look him up.

Nov 11 2009 9:40 AM Post #117
Location : Glasgow uk

On Remembrance Day 2009, a humble salute to an amazingly courageous man (no greater love...). From a Celtic supporter.
Dave Smart
Sep 06 2009 16:06 PM Post #116
Location : Fife uk

I visited the location of the valiant action last year, you just cannot imagine anyone doing what L/Cpl Angus did. He must have been a very brave man.
Aug 31 2009 22:03 PM Post #115
Location : Manchester uk

What an incredible story. Such outstanding bravery should never be forgotten.
Mar 26 2009 19:56 PM Post #114
Location : Ayrshire (Scotland)

I Have no love for Britian, i regard myself to be 100% scottish as do a ever increasing number of Scots ... we come from a different era from Mr Angus but i have to raise my hat in Respect to a very brave and honourable man who served his country at a time when being British and pro monarchy actually meant something to the majority of Scots

Musa Okwonga (United Kingdom)
Mar 26 2009 16:31 PM Post #113
Location :

Clicked on this link from the Guardian's website. This story is moving beyond words, I almost clapped when I finished reading it. Andy Dermott is right - awe is the word. I tip my hat to Mr. Angus.
Andy Dermott
Mar 26 2009 13:51 PM Post #112
Location : Dublin ie

I too, clicked onto this site via a newspaper footballing blog. When reading the story, it took my breath away. In an age when the term ?hero? is bandied about with abandon, sometimes the true nature of heroism is lost. But reading of such actions makes one humble and full of awe. May his legend never be forgotten?
Mar 26 2009 6:10 AM Post #111
Location : Hong Kong

I once spent a New Years in Carluke (1990/91). At that time, I was not aware of this man's history. A truly moving story of an unassuming hero.
Mar 25 2009 19:43 PM Post #110
Location : Toronto ca

This is a truly amazing story, both moving and inspiring. The bravery of the men involved is outstanding, and their modesty in subsequent years speaks volumes about the men themselves. Truly, this story is the embodiment of heroism.
Graeme Weeks
Mar 25 2009 18:17 PM Post #109
Location : Ottawa ca

Clicked on a link on a football website article about footballers who had earned military awards.
What an amazing, inspiring story. There are incredibly brave and honourable people walking among us whose true heroism comes to light only at those terrible moments when the rest of us choose to stay in the shadows.

Thank you for bring us this man's unforgettable story.
Mar 25 2009 14:46 PM Post #108
Location : Helmond nl

while bravery may be it's own reward.
this is a medal well earned.


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