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Apr 10 2013 16:33 PM Post #137
Location : Blackpool uk

Outstanding act of bravery and courage.
A well written and presented website.
Billy No'Well
Mar 12 2013 19:13 PM Post #136
Location : Glasgow uk

A very heart warming story of courage and bravery.What an amazing man he was.
Lee Blundell
Feb 09 2013 20:19 PM Post #135
Location : Wednesbury uk

I'm a VC fanatic and I must say he is one of the most amazing and bravest man ever to be awarded the Victoria Cross.
Dec 23 2012 5:53 AM Post #134
Location : Abermain au

proud to be a scot and a celt
Kenneth meiklem
Nov 08 2012 18:50 PM Post #133
Location : Dundee uk

my mums great uncle
Murray Kerr
Jun 12 2012 13:25 PM Post #132
Location : Glasgow uk

Congratulations on the 12th
Lee angus
Feb 14 2012 14:54 PM Post #131
Location : London uk

OMG im related to him. Im so proud he truely was the bravest man ever.
my nan has got some of his lower medals and some of his old clothes im so lucky. and if you dont believe me.... well nothing cos you should believe me but oh well i really wish i could have met him
Jim Gangel
Nov 09 2011 0:54 AM Post #130
Location : Glasgow uk

A brave man, makes me proud to a Scot and Celtic fan Hail Hail
Oct 23 2011 7:32 AM Post #129
Location : Linc's uk

A superb site about a very brave man...
Excellent descriptions of the act of valour, and superb directions to where it happened.

May 26 2011 10:31 AM Post #128
Location : Bucks uk

Well Granda, you now have Will with you too. Look after him. Love you all.
Feb 19 2011 20:27 PM Post #127
Location : Manchester. uk
Feb 08 2011 7:21 AM Post #126
Location : Gulf coast us

A shining example of what is great about our people.

Lest we forget.
Sep 10 2010 12:20 PM Post #125
Location : Portsmouth uk

Don't know how I ended up on this website, but I am so glad I did. A truly humbling story, the kind of thing that you would think was too far-fetched if you saw it in a film.

Also, this is the kind of thing that makes the internet such a marvellous invention. I would never have been aware of such an act of heroism without the www.
Gemma Watson
Aug 25 2010 23:39 PM Post #124
Location : Glasgow/Parkhead uk

I have just recently found out that William Angus is a distant relative of mine Smile William Angus is my granda Bills great grandad. After finding this out and that he played for Glasgow Celtic is amazing!! I have done a lot of research on him and i am pleased to call him a relative. Such a brave man that will never be forgotten!
Celtic guy
Jun 12 2010 17:09 PM Post #123
Location : Glasgow uk

TRULY A GREAT MAN never to be forgotten a nice memorial at celtic park would be great
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