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patrick william anderson
Jul 19 2001 14:38 PM Post #17
Location : forfar angus

Ive just found this great and interesting site. I used to live in CARLUKE in the 1970s and of course the town has STREETS NAMED AFTER THEIR V.C.s The next time Im in Carluke visiting friends Ill visit WILTON CEMETERY on WILTON ROAD in the town to see grave of ONE OF ITS WAR HEROES. THIS SITE MUST BE RECOMMENDED....
Peter Campbell
Jul 13 2001 6:36 AM Post #16
Location : Dundee UK

Jim, as others have said in this guestbook, re-reading Willies story just confirms the sheer quiet heroism of the man.It is an inspiration and a privilege to have met Willie. Keep up the good work Peter
Alan Taylor
Jul 12 2001 15:20 PM Post #15
Location : Folkestone

Jim Most of it has been said but what an experience you must have felt standing in that foreign place very moving. To be perfectly honest it is a great leveller we are all busy trying to strive for things but perhaps we should all take some time out and take stock. This web site once again is faultless. Alan Taylor
Dick Coleman
Jul 11 2001 17:15 PM Post #14
Location : Narborough UK

Jim Thanks for telling me about the update to this website. It is such a fascinating and humbling story that I don't mind reading it again even though I have heard you tell it many times. It must have been a memorable experience for you to discover the location. A superb site that brings history to life and ensures that we do not forget. All best wishes Dick
Jean Horne Henderson
Jul 06 2001 8:28 AM Post #13
Location : Stonehouse

I've just found this site! I'm the great-niece of William Clamp VC his younger sister Hannah (Clamp) Henderson was my paternal grand-mother.
Bob Bulloch
May 21 2001 22:37 PM Post #12
Location : vancouver british columbia

In september 2000 my good lady and I had the honour of standing at the grave side of the brave man. That started Duncan Brown on his crusade to make all the VC`S of lanarkshire houshold names
Mike Silver
Feb 13 2001 2:17 AM Post #11
Location : Gunnedah NSW AU

Outstanding site. As an historian of WWI in particular its great to see that those who have shown incredible bravery and valour continue to be recognised. Your background information on the medal was most interesting and enlightening. I'm amazed that so many VC's come from the same region.....Lanarkshire should be proud ........Scotland should be proud. Good luck with a major memorial to the VC's. Mike Silver
Graham Herriott
Nov 04 2000 2:09 AM Post #10
Location : Braintree UK

Brilliant site! Did not realiseso many VC's came from one area. Hope Gorrie can persuade the politically correct Scots parliment to spend money on remembering those we ought to honour!
Ian Jarmaine
Sep 01 2000 13:18 PM Post #9
Location : Sussex UK

Doesn't it just make you extremely proud to read of such courage.
Arch Grant
Jun 11 2000 0:23 AM Post #8
Location : Melbourne

I find it a humbling experiance to read about such heroism. I originally come from Airdrieand we were never taught enything about these hero`s. I also know that many scots died fighting under the flags and uniforms of other coutriesincluding Vietnamwhere I believe 39 scots died wearing Australian uniforms Thanks Jim Arch grant.
Joe O'Neill
May 17 2000 6:08 AM Post #7
Location : Carluke UK

I have just discovered that there are three VC's recipients in Carluke alone and another three within the old parish district. This must be uniquie whatever way you look at it. The moral is:- Dont fight with Carluke men!
Donald Gorrie MP MSP
May 17 2000 4:09 AM Post #6
Location : Edinburgh UK

Congratulations on your website - an excellent way of keeping the memory of these men alive and spreading the word about an important piece of history. I am trying to persuade the Scottish Executive to put up some money for the monument to back up their words of support.
Gerald A. Rudoff
May 14 2000 19:10 PM Post #5
Location : Miami Florida US

Words can not express what one feels when reading about the bravery that these men exhibited to achieve freedom for their country and the world. It was especially meaningfull having recently visited Scotland where I had the opportunity to visit the new Scottish War Museum in Edinburgh Castle and view the Victoria Cross receipient display. Once again congratulations've truly honored your family with this display...your friend..jerry Miami-Dade Police Department Miami Florida
Bill Petherick
May 07 2000 12:03 PM Post #4
Location : Dundonald UK

Jim you have excelled once again. What a fitting tribute. I know of several other friends who will wish to make use of this web site. I wish you continued success and good health.
Apr 28 2000 17:33 PM Post #3
Location : Coatbridge UK

Hello Jim - Well done on an excellent site. I have visited a few times now and am genuinely interested in what you are doing. It would be good to find out a bit more about the plans for a monument and what action is being taken on it. Have you considered trying to get the paintings published on the web? It may drum up some support from people who would want to see them 'in the flesh'. If can help in any way please let us know. All the best Kevin.
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